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Bond-007-Craig Daniel

Bond is back Crimeziners!

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Tony Bulmer The Sex net


Five points sauce pots in ludicrous headgear? It’s Copper, new from BBC America

In the late 19th and early 20th century the toughest neighborhood in America, if not the world was five points Manhattan. It is here that the notorious five points gang emerged. Paul Kelly, AKA Paulo Antoni Vaccarelli, recruited many Italian American youths for the gang including Johnny Torrio, Lucky Luciano and Al Capone.

It is against this background and the end of the American civil war that BBC America starts its retrotastic new Crime series on August 19th at 10/9C.

Kevin Corcoran (Tom Weston-Jones), stars as an Irish-American former boxer turned cop, who returns from the Civil War to find his wife missing and his daughter dead. As he patrols the streets of New York’s notorious Five Points neighborhood, he seeks the truth about what happened to his family with the help of two wartime friends: the wayward son of a wealthy industrialist, and a talented African-American doctor. The three men share a secret from their experience in battle that links their lives forever. Confederate gold, buried in a grave marked Arch Stanton? A penchant for a love, that dare not speak its name? Or perhaps our brave heroes have all experienced the same gonad debilitating battle injury? Only time will tell Crimeziners.

Anyhoo, in 1864, Kevin Corcoran returns from fighting in the Civil War and is rapidly appointed as a New York City police detective, where he finds a city awash with corruption, class conflict, racial tension and violence.

The series has been created by Tom, Homicide: Life on the Streets, St. Elsewhere Fontana; and Will Rokos who also handled Monsters Ball and Crimezine favorite Southland. Cast members include the multi talented Franka Potente, Kyle Schmid, Anastasia Griffith, Ato Essandoh, Kevin Ryan, Tanya Fischer and Dylan Taylor.

Tune in. Let Crimezine know what you think…

Wild One Tribute

Crimezine Loves The Wild One

Al Feldstein

Crimezine Loves EC Comics & Al Feldstein


Craisie about Crais

Krista Morales might be an honor student, but she is a bit of a dumbo really. First she heads out into the desert night with her loser boyfriend, then she whips out her camera phone to take pictures of heavily armed human traffickers on a murder rampage. Presto, Krista and the loser get kidnapped and that means TROU-BLE!

Taken, is the latest read by Crimezine neighbor Robert Crais, The keep the noise down king of Mulholland Drive, is currently riding high of the Bestseller Charts and rightly so.

This is Bonzo Bob’s fifteenth Cole and Pike book—that is a lotta sequel’s Crimeziners—can you imagine Pirates of the Caribbean 15—would you want to? Quite. Crais is to be commended for bravely moving the franchise forward, in a variety of innovative ways. The recent Joe Pike books First Rule and The Watchmen are good examples of this steadfast refusal by Crais to stay safe and formulaic.

Kudos too for this well researched commentary on human trafficking on the US/Mexico border, a world that is so relentlessly vile and gruesome it is almost impossible to describe without inducing a protracted bout of nausea.

Crais has noticeably tightened up on his writing style with this book, using shorter snappier sentences, and other devices such as a non-sequential plotline and multi-character viewpoints. Such experimentation is to be commended. Trouble is readers are fickle and possessive—they get upset when a winning formula evolves and the Cole & Pike saga is starting to feel that burn.

Crimezine has commented before that Elvis Cole is losing much of the wisecracking charm that made him so appealing in the classic Cole & Pike novels, this morose trend continues with Taken, a frustration for many regular readers. But Crimezine suspects this is a serious effort by America’s Greatest Detective Writer [© Crimezine] to give  Elvis Cole more gravitas, which is to be commended, as other crime writers, have gone the opposite extreme, and mired their characters with mad-cappery, which can be both tiresome and distracting.

There are always risks with such a forward thinking attitude however. Many readers do not want their favorite characters to evolve—The Craisie faithful are fervently loyal and quickly riled. You better not mess with the Craises Bob—no-siree! Crimezine often has to venture outside our Mulholland Drive HQ with a big stick during Craisy season, a time when busloads of Bob’s adoring fans clog the street for months on end, with gratuitous acts of fandom and brassiere tossing lustiness. Crimezine suspects Craisies will eat this book up—but their appetite is voracious, will Bob be able to feed that hunger indefinitely?

Crimezine loves this book, and you will too. Robert Crais is an awesome writer. We would suggest however that the next Elvis Cole novel is a back to basics classic. Perhaps Bob could hammer out his creative frustrations on some new stand alone novels, like he did with Hostage and Demolition Angel. We would love, love, love that! No doubt Hollyweird would too.

Still, back to the haddock brained Krista Morales. Her mom Nita is thankfully smart enough to send Elvis on a rescue mission, but wouldn’t you know it, our favorite private eye ends up getting kidnapped too, Duh! Thankfully Joe Pike and Delta Force chum Jon Stone are on the case too, so we get a story that is a true fifty-fifty split between Cole and Pike, which leads to the kind of gruesome action we know and love. Get your mirrored shades on Crimeziners! Yayyyyy!

Tinker -Tailor-Soldier-Spy

Gary Oldman: moribund & geriatric little Tinker

There was a time back in the seventies and early eighties when it looked like the world might be destroyed by Cold War intrigue. This was the era when John le Carré, author of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy was at the height of his powers. To many readers, le Carré was the man with the inside dope on how and when the apocalypse would come. And his books were consumed with according voracity.

Times change and to many the world of Cold War spying is as puzzling as the expression Cold War itself. Le Carré master of the deeply plotted mystery created several books featuring spymaster George Smiley. Of which Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy is the most famous, due in part to the award winning seventies TV series starring Alec Obi-Wan-Kenobi Guinness.

The plot to this story is deeply baffling. The performances dour and intense, which makes a welcome change, in these days of throw away violence and faux Hollywood super thrillers. Le Carré’s spies are real, in the sense that intrigue, not car-chase histronics provide the major part of the story— a convoluted tale concerning the uncovering of a traitor at the very top of British Intelligence.

As a veteran of the le Carré oeuvre, Crimezine was tasked with the lengthy and complex duty of explaining the byzantine plot to neighbor Jennifer Aniston, whom we somewhat foolishly invited to this movie. This is no date-night fun flick you can trust us on that, in fact several members of the audience gave up in frustration, preferring instead to bunk into a showing of helium voiced funsters Alvin & the Chipmunks—Chip wrecked, at a neighboring screen.

Other members of the audience gasped, moaned, even laughed out loud, at the unfolding drama on screen: Witchcraft? Circus? What the hell are they going on about, hissed Ms Anniston in bewilderment. In the end Crimezine had to give her twenty bucks to spend at the Popcorn stand. When she returned the questions continued apace. One of the pulchritudinous Ms A’s chief concerns was the casting of rom-com heart-throb Colin Firth as a double-dealing whoopsie of international proportions. One hopes that Renée Zellweger and Hugh Grant appear in the sequel, or Crimezine will never hear the end of it.

Still, Gary Oldman is marvelous in the movie, that much has been universally acknowledged by critics—even if the moribund Mr Oldman wanders around geriatically for the first half an hour of the movie, uttering barely a word. Critics have interpreted this as the sign of a tortured genius at work, and have raved accordingly. To interpret otherwise might lead them to be considered intellectual lightweights with a penchant for popcorn, heaven forfend.


George Pellecanos-The Cut, voted #1 Crime Fiction Book of 2011, by Crimezine readers

Crimezine Crime Fiction Top Five

  • The Cut: George Pellecanos
  • Lawrence Block The Night and the Music, The Matthew Scudder Stories
  • The Sentry: Robert Crais
  • Michael Connelly: The Drop
  • Lee Child The Affair

Crimezine favorite movies of the year are:

  • The Lincoln Lawyer
  • Drive
  • Colombiana
  • Sherlock Holmes, Game of Shadows
  • Killer Elite

Crimezine favorite TV Crime Shows

  • Southland
  • The Good Wife
  • Breakout Kings
  • Detroit 187
  • CSI

Crimezine favorite websites 2011

Crimezine Award Winners 2011

Crimezine Special mention goes out to the awesome remake of the Mechanic with Jason Statham. And a Crimezine special mention goes to R. J Ellory for being the coolest cat in Crime fiction—read his book Bad Signs Now!

The Crimezine Looking Hot in Leather award goes to the gorgeous Patricia Cornwell. The Get out of Prison Soon Award goes to Dodgy Dave Courtney. The Raymond Chandler Get a Television—seriously Award goes to James Ellroy.

The James Patterson Award for outrageous punctuation !!!! Goes to James, Cease and Desist Patterson, for the second year running. Special thanks to Crimezine neighbor Robert Keep the Noise Down Crais, for being a fantasic sport and having the most interesting socks in Los Angeles. We wanted to make The Sentry #1 honest we did, but Crimeziners voted for gorgeous George! Better luck with Taken.

Thanks to all the Authors, Directors, Publishers & Crimeziners out there, all the best for 2012. If you want to comment contribute or otherwise get involved with Crimezine please get in touch.