Crimezine Los Angeles

Posted: November 12, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Los Angeles is the birthplace of noir crime fiction. It is home such crime legends as Mickey Cohen king of the West coast, gangsters and Bill Parker godfather of the LAPD. Home to Dragnet, the Postman Always RingsTwice, and the righteous cop show forerunner to just about every movie and televisual cop series you can think of. CSI Miami? They film that in the Universal studios backlot in Hollywood, just like all those episodes of Starsky and Hutch you loved so much. New York City? Nah, that was Hollywood dude, pure Hollywood. Then there are the writers. From Raymond Chandler to James Ellroy the best crime writers in the world have lived, worked and based their fiction on the mean streets of Los Angeles. It is there fore no surprise that Crimezine should be based in the Hollywood hills looking out over Mulholland drive on a city where crime never sleeps.


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