Detroit 1-8-7

Posted: November 12, 2010 in TV Crime
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One-eighty-seven is an LA thing, LAPD radio code for murder, an expression long ago adopted into trans-national gangster speak, as in: I am going to one eighty seven your ass… Detroit  provides a post industrial back drop to this hard hitting police procedural’s gritty plot lines. That and the state of Illinois gave the production company tax rate incentives unequaled in other states. It has been claimed that this show is authentic like NYPD Blue, a throw back to an era when steel-edged realism  still seemed possible. The show provides Michael Imperioli with his first post Soprano’s role of substance. Imperioli is marvelous as the brooding and misunderstood Detective Fitch, as are the strong ensemble cast that includes Natalie Martinez, Jon Michael Hill, James McDaniel and Aisha Hinds. Plots to the show regularly showcase two murder investigations, of a complex and unexpected nature, featuring the kind of puzzles that will keep crime fans guessing to the very end. Much of the shaky camera styled sub plotting revolves around Imperioli’ s loner status and his edgy relationships with his partner played by Jon Michael Hill, fellow cop the pulchritudinous Natalie Martinez and his steely faced superior Lt Maureen Mason, Played by the fantastic Aisha Hinds.

  1. Jeanz says:

    Imperioli rocks when is the new series coming out?

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