The Town

Posted: November 12, 2010 in Movies Crimezine Film
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Ben Affleck anyone? Poor Ben, he has been playing second fiddle to his Oscar winning cohort and distant cousin, (yes really.) Matt Damon for years. There have of course been some marvelous moments, such as his portrayal of Jack Ryan in the Tom Clancy action epic Sum of all Fears. But in recent years it is Damon who has been garnering all the attention. That is about to change

The Town, in which Affleck Acts, Directs and Co-Writes the screenplay, along with Peter Craig and Aaron Stockard, is a Crimezine classic. Dealing with the lives of bank robbers from the Bostonian estate of Charlestown, the film is one of the most cohesive, original and hard-hitting crime films in years. The most refreshing aspect of this film is the way it portrays the tough choices laid out before the small town criminals and inhabitants of The Town and the almost inevitable cataclysm that is coming their way. Seamless realism and believability  course through this film in abundance, delivering a fresh take on the world of the buddy heist movie. The screenplay and the quality of the acting are faultless throughout. Affleck is on the verge of something big beyond anything he has done before, and if he can keep making movies like this, the plaudits he richly deserves must surely be heading his way.

  1. Jeanz says:

    Great film!

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