Leverage Season Three

Posted: November 14, 2010 in TV Crime
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The Leverage team: Sophie, Eliot, Nate, Parker, Alec

Are you ready? Leverage is returning on TNT on December 12 at 9/8C for American viewers. For the uninitiated Leverage is a comedy crime drama that follows the escapades of a gang of professional thieves and con artists as they strive to redress the balance between unscrupulous ‘big’ business interests and the little guy. Think ‘A’Team meets Mission Impossible the TV series. We get prat falls , japes and smart talking bonhomie. We also get romance antagonism and unrequited love.

Each of the gang possesses a unique talent—as is so usually the way with these things. We get moody mastermind Nathan ‘Nate’ Ford played by Tim Hutton. We  get Alec the computer nerd, played by Aldis Hodge. We get  lumbering tough guy Eliot played by Christian Kane. The female side of the team comprises of cat burglar extaordinaire Parker, played by Beth Riesgraf and posh totty grifter Sophie Devereaux, played by the sultry Gina Bellman. Each episode is self contained but the relationship between the characters builds on a weekly basis, allowing the audience to become involved in their world which evolves as the pressures of their us versus the world approach build.

Each week the team carry out an elaborate con on the bad guys, often the sleight of hand involved is so fast moving and involved we are treated to essential black and white flashbacks that show us the details we might have missed, this is a unique and endearing device employed by the show as we never worry that we will miss anything.

Leverage has a great deal of straight ahead charm, it shies away from the gun toting histronics and grisly details employed by so many modern crime shows. Leaving the audience satisfied and entertained.


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