Jim Thompson The Killer Inside Me

Posted: November 15, 2010 in Movies Crimezine Film, TV Crime
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Lou Ford is a sociopath. He also happens to be the town sheriff. You know bad things will happen, but quite how bad will have even the most seasoned veteran of crime fiction cringing. Murder, betrayal, sadomasochism, sexual abuse…blackmail, more murder…
Jim Thompson(1906-77) was a cult writer who lived on the edge of society. He is as legendary for his life of failure and alcoholism as he is for his writing. A number of his books have been adapted for screen plays including The Getaway and The Grifters.  The Killer Inside Me was first adapted for screen in 1976– starring Stacey Keach as Lou Ford. In 2010 the latest version of The Killer Inside Me is released  starring Casey Afflek and Jessica Alba. I would however recommend reading the book, as Thompson’s dark and twisted narrative has never been equaled on screen. The mild mannered Ford and his sickness as he describes it —you can almost feel sympathy— but by the time Thompson has drawn you in; revealed the true depth of that sickness, you like Sheriff Ford will be unable to escape, from either the novels dark narrative or the world of Jim Thompson.


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