The Mechanic

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Movies Crimezine Film
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Jason Statham, Film the mechanic, Charles Bronson

The Mechanic

When it comes to wise cracking crime action films Jason Statham is undoubtably the man of the moment, as fans of  films such as Transporter and Crank will agree. The fact that he has been asked to reprise the role of Arthur Bishop, previously played in the original 1972 film by the legendary Charles Bronson, shows that Hollywood loves his wise cracking charisma and tough guy histronics too.

The new film is similar to the classic version in that Statham plays a super assassin who trains an apprentice in the shape of  Steve (Ben Foster) the son of his murdered friend Harry, played by Donald Sutherland. Youth training schemes are all very well, but duplicity and double cross quickly lead to the kind of Statham  head mashing we know and love.  Expect explosions and plenty of them,  along with strong and brutal violence, as they say in the trade.

After shooting the original 1971 film Director Michael Winner, surely the world’s most flamboyant bon vivant,went on to shoot  Charles Bronson in the The Stone Killer and the Death Wish films.   Crimezine  feels a movie marathon coming on! Why not join us?

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