Harry’s Law

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Kathy Bates Harry’s Law

Everybody loves Kathy Bates. Actress, Director and Academy Award winner. Everybody loves David E. Kelly, the writing brains behind The Practice, Alley McBeal and…er Doogie Howser MD. Now the dynamic duo have teamed up for Harry’s Law the latest NBC crime fighting spectacular.  Kelly has been popping out hit TV shows for some time. A former Boston lawyer,  better known to many as Mr Michelle Pfieffer, Kelly has written some great TV shows. Unfortunately Harry’s Law isn’t one of them.

NBC are billing the Show as ‘dramedy’ geddit? That, one supposes, is a mix of Drama and comedy. Trouble is this show is neither dramatic or funny.  Perhaps they meant dram as in dram of whisky mixed with tragedy? Because you certainly need a shot of the strong stuff after seeing Kathy Bates struggle through an episode of this show. The episodes are lightweight over long and plod with the heavy footed trudge of a Donkey on oxycontin. Drama? Donkey? or complete turkey? How about Dronkey?

The supporting cast on the show are personable and workmanlike, trouble is Kathy Bates overshadows them so completely that her presence is distracting to the narrative thrust of the show. It is not possible to watch this show with anyone else without them observing: Kathy Bates, wasn’t she goood in Misery?

Yes she was. Though Misery was twenty years ago and Kathy has done very many things since. But still, it is the strength of the persona that Kathy portrayed in this movie that overpowers this show so completely. Bates is a friend of the Kelly Family, she appeared in period drama Cheri with Michelle Pfeiffer, So  no doubt the immense commercial temptation to cast Bates as a no nonsense a curmudgeonly ex patent lawyer must have involved a cursorary flip through the Kelly Rolodex.

The idea of an ex patent lawyer running a law operation from a shoe shop, with a bunch of glamor-puss NCIS wannabes is so ludicrously bizarre it almost fits the NBC comedy criteria. Trouble is a hefty portion of run of the mill crime show shenanigans have been ladeled over the top, spoiling what could have been a rather interesting show. Kathy Bates is great, but Crimezine wonders how much better it would have been if she had been involved in a remake of Ironside for example, or how about a reprise of the Equalizer or how about Cathy doing a full on Deathwish style sequel? Move over Charlie Bronson, Kathy Bates is back!



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