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Posted: March 7, 2011 in Crime Writers
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Michael Connolly In Los Angeles

Michael Connolly In Los Angeles

Michael Connolly has a painting by spooky 15th century religious painter Hieronymous Bosch over his writing desk. The painting ‘Hell’ is of a landscape populated by bizarre demons, torturing sinners in an unspeakably gruesome fashion.  Connolly says he figured out the metaphoric possibilities of juxtaposing contemporary Los Angeles with the  the world of Bosch and his demons some time ago, a dark gag that has developed into one of America’s most successful crime writing franchises, namely detective Harry Bosch of the LAPD.

Connolly freely admits that the character is also based on an amalgam of several police detectives he has known in his years as a crime beat journalist, working for newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times.

Bosch is also influenced by Raymond Chandler’s character Philip Marlowe, as well as Lew Archer, Frank Bullit, and seventies super cop Dirty Harry Callahan. Although Connolly admits that as the years go by he and his fictional hero are developing a more closely aligned world view with each passing year.

Since Harry Bosch first appeared in the Edgar Award winning novel Black Echo back in 1992 Connolly has moved back to his native Florida, but he still travels to LA regularly carrying out scrupulous research for his novels. Check out his photo gallery http://www.michaelconnelly.com/Photo_Gallery/photo_gallery.html to see some of the locations in Los Angeles that he has used in his novels.


  1. Jeanz says:

    He lives in FLORIDA?!

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