Patricia Cornwell Veterans Champion

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Crime Writers
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Patricia Cornwell

Patricia sells her SuperAmerica

Crimezine loves Patricia Cornwell, has done ever since  the Postmortem days. But not only is the great lady the best living writer about dead people (and how they got that way); her tenacity and strength of belief in her personal life are to be admired too. Her antics are always newsworthy. Take her latest act of generosity for example. The world’s most pulchritudinous mystery writer has auctioned off her favorite Ferrari and donated the proceeds to Veterans Village of San Diego a non profit organization that specializes in the care of military veterans. Cornwell sees the organization as a model for how America can help service men and women returning from conflicts overseas, many of whom suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome and other  issues, such as substance abuse and homelessness. The rare Ferrari made $220,000 at auction. Crimezine notes that the model was a V12 Super America. But of course it was. Patricia’s 18th Scarpetta novel Port Mortuary is available now.

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