The Lincoln Lawyer

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Crime Fiction Books, Movies Crimezine Film
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Crimezine Lincoln Lawyer

The Lincoln Lawyer

Crimezine likes the Lincoln Lawyer, almost as much as we like Michael Connelly himself. So what if he is living in Florida these days, rather than the Golden City of LA. If a man likes ’gator filled swamps, Hurricanes and flies as big as birds that is his decision.

Levity aside, congratulations to our favorite adopted Angeleno on the success of the film adaptation of his premier Mickey Haller novel The Lincoln Lawyer.

When Crimezine first read this book back in 2005 we assumed this usurper to the Harry Bosche crown was a cunning ploy devised by Connelley’s Agent/ Publishers so that  they could all cash in on the  vogue for legal genre novels. But here at Crimezine we are almost as cynical as Haller himself and we are proud to admit that we are now Champions of the Haller Ouvre.

Bosch fans should check out the excellent novel Brass Verdict which is a Bosch/Haller hybrid. Also check out  The Reversal, which also features Bosch in the investigation of a child murder case. Haller also makes a brief appearance in Nine Dragons  but you already knew that didn’t you Crimeziners, pay attention at the back!

In Michael’s latest Haller novel, The Fifth Witness, a recession hit Haller deals with the defense of a foreclosed client, accused of killing a banker, who is trying to take her house. (Maybe you can read this in the back of your town car, for extra verisimilitude (Snigger)).

Completists will insist that we mention the collection of  Short stories The Dark End of the Street in which Mickey appears in the tale, The Perfect Triangle.

Crimezines spies in Hollywood report that Matthew McConaughey will be appearing in a sequel to the Lincoln lawyer. We wish him luck, parking is hell in Beverly Hills these days.

  1. BIG T says:

    Crimezine rocks!

  2. Jeanz says:

    Great |Film!

  3. jimbo says:

    Good film Crimezine

  4. tonybulmer says:

    Hey there Crimeziners, You guys know that Michael Connelly is currently working on a Lincoln Lawyer TV show for ABC? more news soon…

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