Paetero’s 10th Anniversary

Posted: June 1, 2011 in Crime Fiction Books, Crime Writers
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Crime writer Maxine Paetro

Maxine Paetro

1st to Die is Big Jim Patterson’s premier title in his Women’s Murder Club series, Crimezine thinks it is one of the best books the old duffer has turned out. The ending is particularly unexpected. This title came out in 2001 and since then Big Jim has enlisted the assistance of his faithful elves, Andrew Gross and Maxine Paetro to help out with the arduous task of writing the next nine volumes of the series.

As regular readers will know Crimezine has strident views on ghost writing, and whilst we would not wish to disparage the valiant efforts of the pulchritudinous Ms Paetro and the workmanlike, if hilariously named Gross, neither of these writers are Big Jim.

In a recent full page ad in the LA Times, Big Jim gave us a run down of his favorite books—the ones he and his acolytes have written anyway. Naturally 1st to Die was a favorite, along with the most recent tomes, 9th Judgement and 10th Anniversary. Suspiciously no mention of the seven previous novels. Although a long list of his Harry Potter lite novels, featuring witches and wizards ranked prominently, along with at least a dozen other snoozesome novels, with little or no crime content. Would you really buy a love story off Big Jim? Apparently many people do.

There is no doubt that the Women’s Murder Club novels have been popular. They have surfed the Sex in the City zeitgeist , distilling the female bonding experience into a crime-scene milieu. The numerically titled novels have also been influential, prompting other authors to copy the format, to the extent that the best seller lists now resemble a complex mathematical equation.

Cynics might suggest that publishers think members of the public are too thick witted to remember real titles these days, so the giant numbers are there to help.

Whatever one may think of the numbered books in the Women’s Murder Club series, there is no denying they have been an outstanding success. Even though the tool box of overwrought plot lines are seeming increasingly familiar these days.

Disturbingly however, there is no space on the latest hardback for a picture of the charming Ms Paetro. Despite a large and heavily photoshopped picture of Big Jim featuring prominently. Perhaps this is a reflection of how much of the latest book he has written?

  1. Jeanz says:

    This is soooooooooo True and HILARIOUS Crimezine is the funniest!

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