Harlan Coben, Live Wire

Posted: June 29, 2011 in Crime Fiction Books, Crime Writers
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Harlan Coben #1 again

Harlan Coben is probably the best mystery writer in the world. Crimezine does not hand out such accolades easily and only a longstanding familiarity with the Coben ouvre makes such a bold statement possible.

Coben is now as mass market as it is possible for a mystery/thriller writer to get, but he has stubbornley retained the Chandleresque qualities that make his work so deliciolusly appealing.

In the latest Coben offering Live Wire, readers can expect the usual level of deeply plotted mystery, along with charismatic quippery and a level of touchy-feely charachterisation that is both veristic and engaging.

Of course, mild mannered sports agent Myron Bolitar the star of so many Coben reads, is accompanied here as usual, by his very own American Psycho, Windsor Horne Lockwood III, aka Win. The latest mystery involves former tennis star Suzze T and rock star hubby Lex Ryder. The case takes shape when an anonymous Facebook posting questions the paternity of the couples unborn child. Nothing with Coben is ever simple  however and pretty soon NYC’s favorite sports agent is involved in deep reaching family shenanigans  that add further dimension to this long standing character.

Interestingly Coben has recently been strong armed by publishing suits into writing a young adult novel for the Hairy Potter generation. Shelter featuring Bolitar’s little nephew Mickey [The little squit makes an introductory appearance in Live Wire]. This heralds a disturbing new publishing trend. Let us hope he doesn’t  have chums called Donald, Mini and Goofy. If so, Myron’s pal Win will have to dig that lime pit just a little deeper than usual.

  1. BIG T says:

    Crimezine is the best

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