The Drop, Michael Connelly

Posted: August 13, 2011 in Crime Fiction Books, Uncategorized
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The new Michel Connelly novel is called The Drop, featuring LAPD favorite Harry Bosch. Our hero has been given three years until retirement, so Harry is hottter to trot than usual.  The thrills come double time, when Bosch is asked to handle two cases at once.

First off, there is a seemingly implauseable rape case where crime lab reports show the perp to have been eight years old at the time of the crime. As Harry puzzles the details, longtime nemesis, Councilman Irving Irving’s son takes a plunge from a window at Chateau Marmont. Did he jump or was he pushed? Either way Harry is thrown in to a cauldron of internal politics and tasked with finding the answers.

As the case unfolds, Bosch makes chilling discoveries, an unseen killer stalking the streets for decades and a political conspiracy that runs deep into the very heart of the Los Angeles Police Department and former Bosch partner, the marvelously named Kiz Rider is in deep.

As Harry unravels these twin cases, he has the advancing prospect of retirement hanging over him, Will he won’t he? The LAPD deferred retirement option or DROP, where by our hero might be forced to hang up his badge and let the City of Angels be over run by sicko killers, is introduced as a threat at a very early stage in this novel—and Harry is questioning his ability to do the job through out. Thankfully he is as tenacious as usual, but one suspects that Conners has been contemplating the very real possibility that Harry Bosch has finally had his day.

Poor Harry. He is dogged by High Jingo from the office of the chief of Police (OCP) Has to suffer his sullen and treacherous partner Chu and his love life—the less said of that the better. Luckily Bosch sproglet Maddie is at her self sufficient best, making her meals for one and polishing her Glock while pops catches perps. The taco munching teen suck up has even started listening to Chet Baker, as she reads Stephen King novel The Stand. Little Angel, where do you get children like this?

The Drop will be available in Australia and New Zealand on October 26, 2011, in the UK and Ireland on October 27, 2011, and in the USA and Canada on November 28, 2011. It will also be available as an eBook, an audiobook, and in large print format.

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