The Return of Sherlock Holmes

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Crime Fiction Books
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Holmes Returns

Holmes you are amazing!  Or maybe not quite… As there is a definite air of contractual obligation about this volume, first collected in 1905. This is the back by popular demand collection of stories that Arthur Conan Doyle penned after he killed off Holmes in the Reichenbach Falls incident. Holmes’ reemergence is as unexpected as his apparent demise and the explanation as unlikely as the events leading up to his sudden departure.

However The Adventure of the Empty House, or The Return of Sherlock Holmes as the first story in this collection is popularly called, is by a wide margin the most interesting story of the collection. Others, such as The Adventure of The Priory School  and The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist are  ridiculous to modern sensibilities. Neither of these stories are real adventures,  they are more cautionary tales, concerning honor and the vulnerability of the fairer sex. (As Holmes & Watson might describe women).

If you are a completist, or perhaps fascinated by Victorian mores, then Crimezine would wholeheartedly recomend this volume. Likewise, if you are interested in a snoozesome bedtime read, that will have you nodding off faster than  À La Recherche Du Temps Perdu  by Marcel Proust then this book makes essential reading. Otherwise my Holmesean cohorts, you may wish to proceed directly to The Valley of Fear, Conan Doyles fourth and final full length Holmes novel.


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