Ted Danson Joins CSI

Posted: October 2, 2011 in TV Crime
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Ted Danson Joins CSI


Octopus sex? Apocalypse on the Vegas Sky-tram? Death by compressed air? Such unlikely events can only mean one thing. The timely return of CSI season twelve. And if Crimeziners think those plot lines unlikely, how about the appearance of  Ted Danson, the Emmy and Golden Globe winning veteran of sitcom sensation Cheers as a replacement for Laurence Fishburne?

After only two seasons filling the shoes of the much loved ratings powerhouse William Peterson, Fishburne decided to call it quits on CSI,  leaving a massive void for CBS exec’s to fill, in what is widely accepted as the World’s most popular TV show. The word on the wire is that ratings have dipped substantially since Peterson made his exit from the show, so the pressure is on for Danson to deliver.

Danson has come along way from his days as a Boston Barman Sam Malone in Cheers. He received an Emmy nomination for his role in the FX series Damages and further plaudits for his other television work including  Bored to Death and sitcom Becker, not to mention a whole host of other movie and TV roles.

But what would  Cheers regulars such as mailman Cliff Clavin, Norm Peterson and the irascible Carla think of their erstwhile bar room colleague’s appearance in CSI? Crimezine reckons they should all be given Cameos. Imagine Norm as a bungling beat cop, Frasier Crane as a philandering casino roue, who’s wife has disappeared in mysterious circumstances, or the ludicrous Diane as a high-limits blackjack dealer whose addiction to octopus sex and murder on the Las Vegas Sky tram is forcing her neurosis filled existence to reach breaking point.

History tells us that literally nothing is too crazy for CSI, so expect the unexpected.

As for Danson, he is looking distinctly white-foxish these days, his chiseled waxwork demeanor and straight faced eccentricity as lead detective D.B Russell have proved to be a winning addition to the show.

It is rumored that Robin Williams, Tony Shaloub and John Lithgow were also considered for the role. Shaloub & Lithgow we can see, but Mork from Ork on CSI you kidding me?


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