Jim Thompson E-books from Mulholland books

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Crime Fiction Books, Crime Writers
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Crimezine’s chums at Mulholland Books have excelled themselves once again, this time by publishing E-Book versions of our favorite Jim Thompson Novels.

First off, there is The Killer Inside Me detailing the downward spiral of everyone’s favorite psycho Sheriff Lou Ford. This book (and film) have been discussed previously in Crimezine, so suffice to say The Killer Inside Me represents Thompson’s version of Noir at it’s most loathsome and engaging.

Then there is The Grifters. No one does a bad momma like Jim Thompson and they don’t come any badder than short-con artist Roy Dillon’s mom. This book takes the prize for highstakes double cross and lowlife seedyness. A story that was the basis of the highly acclaimed Stephen Frears and Martin Scorsese movie of the same name. And if Marty likes it, you know proof-positive it rocks.

A Swell Looking Babe? With a title like that you just know that Jim Thompson, the Dime-store Dostoyevsky, is coming for your jugular at full throttle. Here we have Dusty the hotel bellboy, (A position Thompson held in Dallas before his whiskey drenched writing career spluttered into life) being wrapped around the talons of Femme Fatale, Marcia with cataclysmic results. Oh, the intolerable cruelty of it all!

Killer Read

Bad dames were a Thompson speciality of course, he literally wrote the book on them, more so than any Noir writer and in After Dark My Sweet, we discover the woeful tale of  on-the-ropes ex-boxer William Kid Collins, a drifter on the run from an asylum. Things surely can’t get any worse for our sallow cheeked young hero? But of course they can and do, when our hero meets Faye, a beautiful booze sodden young widow and they plan a kidnapping, with disastrous consequences.

Finally, we get The Nothing Man a tale of Clinton Brown and his tragic journey through the darkness of the Post War boom. Brown has a dark secret, a secret he holds so close, he will kill just about anyone to avoid it’s discovery. For his estranged wife Ellen, this secret might be the only chance she has of a reconcilliation, can she risk the ultimate betrayal?

If you like dark period crime noir, you will love these books. If there are any complaints to be made, it would be the failure to include the classics Pop. 1280 and The Getaway in this collection. Also, E-books and noir-fiction at its pulpiest? Strange bedfellows indeed. Looks like you are going to have to go out and buy one of those i-tablet gizmo readers after all. Crimezine is headquartered on the real Mullholland Drive, we therefore read our pulp-fiction from yellowing paperbacks, with only a half empty bottle of Scotch and a Colt 1911 for company.

Tune into the Mulholland wave lengthand buy these books now.



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