Kill Me If You Can, James Patterson & Marshall Karp

Posted: October 4, 2011 in Crime Fiction Books
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It has been quiet in the Patterson camp for a couple of  weeks, So It is with great relief that Crimezine can reveal

that Patterson’s latest tome is now available for public consumption. This work has been penned with the able assistance of Patersonian elf Marshall Karp, (Sounds fishy to us, Chortle.)

Crimezine has already commented at length on the alarming trend for rich, sober and amazingly successful writers, many of whom are mysteriously still alive, paying other less successful writers to do their work for them, so we won’t Karp on about it, or use any further puns, unless they prove absolutely necessary, but guess what…

The premise for this book is rather good.

The story revolves around Matthew Bannon a starving art student In NYC finding a diamond stuffed satchel during an attack at Grand Central Station. (NB: the main train station in NYC is correctly called Grand Central Terminal…)  But, oh dear, the satchel belongs to the world’s greatest assassin, the Ghost, (We thought that was the Wolf?) and to make matters worse, the Ghost’s arch nemisis wants the diamonds too! Oh, No! Poor old Mat is going to get gutted like a listeria ridden cantaloupe! The sheer wretched luck!

This book is described in the publicity as: a high-speed, high-stakes, winner-take-all thrill ride of adrenaline-fueled suspense. Phew, what a scorcher. Kill Me If  You Can is available in Hardback now, at major book stores, airports and Grand Central Terminals everywhere, you lucky people.

Kill Me If You Can

ISBN: 0316097543 $27.99/U.S.

Little, Brown and Company

  1. Jeanz says:

    Crimezine is Hilarious!

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