Robert Crais: Free Fall

Posted: October 4, 2011 in Crime Fiction Books, Crime Writers
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Vintage Crais is something that Crimezine loves with a passion. Not only  is the great man a Crimezine neighbor (though Jennifer Anniston lives nearer to him than we do) He is also an adopted Angeleno (hailing from Louisianna originally he moved to Los Angeles in 1976), Bonzo Bob is also pretty close to being the best living crimewriter (Live up to that one Bob!)

As you probably know by now, Crais worked TV Scripts for years, before turning to crime writing in the mid eighties. He worked on all your favorites, Hill Street Blues, L.A.Law, Miami Vice, Cagney & Lacey and Quincy.

We like the cut of Roberts jib immensely, take his sense of humor for example, who else would have the sheer effrontery to call the main protagonist Elvis (old king) Cole? Hilarious. Elvis, of course, has a sense of humor himself, at least he did in the early books, Which is no surprise as Crais is influenced by such greats as Chandler and Steinbeck, which perhaps explains the great sense of humanity that is also a major theme in his work.

The Elvis Cole novels have turned into a decades long crime franchise, and Crais has branched out experimentally in other directions since the start of the series, but the early novels in particular remain firm favorites of Crimezine.

Free Fall is the Edgar award nominated fourth novel in the Cole/Pike series, but it is so fresh and self contained it could be the first. The plot involves damsel in distress Jennifer Sherriden and her cop boyfriend Mark Thurman. Sherriden knows her man is in trouble, so she turns to Cole. Just how much trouble quickly becomes clear, when Elvis is flung into a world of guns, gangs and corruption, in an adventure that has every cop in LA gunning for our heros. Free Fall is highly recommended.

This book is also available in an omnibus edition with the books Voodoo River, and Sunset Express. Both of which are essential reading.


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