Gus Russo: The Outfit, The story of the Chicago Mob

Posted: October 5, 2011 in Crime Fiction Books
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Crimezin, TonyBulmer

The Outfit

Everyone likes a good mob story and the stories do not get any better than those associated with the Chicago Mob. The sub head of Gus Russo’s essential book The Outfit is: The role of Chicago’s underworld in the shaping of modern America. A somewhat grand and all encompassing title, but this book describes just that and it does so with a great deal of style and panache.

You probably had your suspicions, but this excellent book lays out the ugly coiling tentacles of the Chicago Mob for all to see, outlining in detail, just how far those tentacles reach. For Crimeziners who have even  a passing interest in the Mafia, this book is essential. It offers a comprehensive and highly entertaining insight to who was who, and who did what to whom and why.

The history is detailed, but never dull; meticulous, but engaging. It offers a better understanding of the mob that will enliven the world of crime for readers. Reading this book will heighten the enjoyment of every mob related work you read, or see on the big screen. From Mario Puzo to James Ellroy, many authors take a certain level of  reader understanding  for granted. This book will give you that understanding. From Board Walk Empire to The Godfather when ever you think Mafia you will think Gus Russo too.

  1. Jeanz says:

    This book is brilliant if you love the mafia you will love this book-REALLY \\COOL

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