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Posted: October 5, 2011 in Crime Fiction Books
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Vintage Grisham

Crime writing legend John Grisham might be a literary goody-two shoes. But he is certainly not scared of clocking up billable hours, when it comes to writing his own books and for this he is to be greatly admired.

The great man recently won the 2011 Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction, which is no surprise. Yes, we know there are other authors who write legal fiction, but they are so far behind the mighty Grisham in stature and out put, that it is surely time to re-name the Harper Lee Prize the John Grisham Prize for legal fiction.

Yes, Crimezine understands Ms Lee went to Law school, but she threw it all away for Pulitzer Prize winning Literature. That and hanging out with ‘confirmed bachelor ’ Truman Capote. Her Lawyer pops, who served on the Alabama State Legislature, must have been absolutely livid. Still, we digress.

Mr Grisham’s fabulous new book The Litigators  which Crimezine has taken an approving look over, is out on October 25th. Grishers, as we like to call him at Crimezine headquarters, has taken the bold step of publishing the first two chapters on the interweb, so prospective readers might peruse the tantalizing start of his new novel .

The plot is vintage Grisham. David Zinc, a highflying legal burnout, washes up at the door of legal bottom feeders Finley and Figg, then what do you know, a $25 billion dollar pharmaceutical  lawsuit lands in their lap like a giant piñata. Too good to be true—surely not? Crimezine loves Grisham, the quality of his work speaks for itself. It is his Lawyer ethic. We hope he keeps clocking billable hours for many years to come. Follow the links below and discover The Litigators for yourself.

We understand Ms Harper Lee wrote a rather good book entitled To Kill a Mocking Bird. Although this is not the the normal kind of literary fare discussed in Crimezine, We recommend Crimeziners read it anyway—

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