Michael Connelly, The Fifth Witness

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Crime Fiction Books
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Criminals can no longer afford to hire the great Mickey Haller, the Lincoln Lawyer? Crimezine knew these were

Michael Connelly-Fifthwitness-crimezine-Tony Bulmer

Fifth Witness

recessionary times,  but you got to be kidding right? Haller representing foreclosed home owners?  Surely not!

But just a second, one of the aforementioned home owners’ Ebeneezer Scrooge style banker is grusomely  murdered? Now you are talking! Organized crime connections you say? Awesome!

But uh-oh Crimeziner’s we are headed for court, and there is the rub, with so many legal novels—the dangerous deputy DA, a dashing defense attorney and a whole host of stock in trade genre favorites, including dastardly discoveries, shocking revelations and wobbling witnesses all presided on by a raging judge.

No nodding off at the back, or you will be held in contempt!

Luckily Connelly is the man, when it comes to surprising twists, well written prose and climatic suspense. The observant among you will note that Mickey Haller novels are now called Lincoln Lawyer novels. Unfortunately this novel is no Lincoln Lawyer and is therefore best reserved for Connelly Completists, jury junkies and those of you enjoy the judicial gymnastics of the court room drama.

For the rest of us, the return of Connelly’s shambling LAPD detective Hieronymous Harry Bosch is eagerly awaited.

The Fifth Witness
Michael Connelly
Little, Brown

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