Crimezine digs Noir City, the hot lovin’ heros of film noir

Posted: October 12, 2011 in Crime Fiction Books, Top ten Crime sites of the week
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Noir city

Noir City

Crimezine loves film noir. The dangerous curves, the dastardly deeds, the six-cylinder send off’s, all wrapped up in a retro morality that is paradoxically alien and yet strangely relevant in these times of moral and financial desperation. Truth is, film noir is so voluptuously alluring it never went away and we have the likes of Noir City and it’s valiant band of followers to thank for this.

Noir City in association with the Film Noir Foundation organize an annual Film Noir festival, they also organise events, film screenings and publish the awesomely retro Noir City e-zine that features some of the best covers you will see this side of a hot lovin’ forties/fifties newsstand. A small subscription also brings you the Noir City Sentinel, who’s editorial ethos is: No stocks, No sports, All noir all the time.

Noir mastermind Eddie Muller is the brains behind this enterprise, along with a dedicated band of noir fiends, who keep alive all that is noir. The latest event is The 10th Noir City film festival. The photoshoot for the festival poster was held at the apartment where Dashiell Hammett wrote Red Harvest, The Dain

Curse and The Maltese Falcon. The apartment at 891 Post Street SanFrancisco is the model for Sam Spade’s digs in the novels. Hammett’s pad has been lovingly preserved by noir fiends in it’s original state. So Crimeziners if you want three fingers of bourbon and a glimpse of stocking top, settle down at the Noir City hearth side,  for a while and soak up vintage noir, in all it’s hot lovin’ glory.

The Noir City Film noir festival kicks off December 13 at the Castro Theatre SanFrancisco.

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