Eddie Muller: The Distance

Posted: October 12, 2011 in Crime Fiction Books
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The Distance

Eddie Muller is the Founder and President of the Noir Film Foundation, he is a Frisco fellah through and through and obsessed with all things Noir, He is also a boxing nut and his first novel The Distance  is a get in the ring show piece of all his obsessions.

When it was released in 2002 The Distance won The Shamus Award from The Private Eye Writers of America and the Gumshoe Award from Mystery Ink as best first novel.

The novel set in 1948, revolves around Billy Nichols AKA Mr Boxing, a hack and hustler struggling to get the inside scoop as ringside regular. But life turns sour when he stumbles on a crime scene: Heavyweight slugger Hack Escalante has killed his manager and Nichols has to think fast…

This book is dark and atmospheric, a true Noir thriller in every sense of the word, the narrative will hold you and the retro crime esthetic will have you chuckling into your Jack Daniel’s with unmitigated delight.

Crimeziners should hook up with Eddie Muller and the distance today. Ding, ding, Round one…

  1. Jeanz says:

    noir Eddie is the best!

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