Big Jim Patterson’s Christmas Wedding meets Crimezine Cross Fire

Posted: October 15, 2011 in Crime Fiction Books, Crime Writers
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Everyone likes a nice wedding, which is just as well, as there are not one but two wedding related additions to the Patterson oeuvre  this week, Christmas Wedding, which Jimbo “Wrote” with Pattersonian elf, Richard DiLallo and the eagerly awaited mass market release of the latest Alex Cross book Cross Fire, which Big Jim wrote with no apparent help from anyone.

First up Christmas Wedding and Big Jim is bravely hawking this one in person, live and diect on the interweb! Thrill to the

James Patterson-Crossfire-Crimezine-Tony Bulmer

Cross Fire

great mans reedy monotone: A bride walks down the aisle on Christmas day, three men wait for her, only one will be the groom: James Patterson’s Christmas Wedding, get out the hankies… Thanks Jimbo, but here at Crimezine we like the tears of derisory laughter to run free and unchecked.

Cross Fire, sees the great man return to form, in the genre he does best: the big budget crime thriller. And Patterson delivers as usual: lots of juicy murders,  dirty congressmen, an  intractable mystery and  a dark alliance with FBI agent Max Siegel, and to cap it all off poor Alex has to put his wedding plans to voluptuous squeeze Bree on hold (sob!).

Thankfully Big Jim has heeded Crimezine’s pleas to lay off the fluffy animal serial killers in this latest tome, which is a welcome relief. But oh, no! Alex Cross’s dastardly nemesis Kyle Craig is back… and there is nothing worse than a psycho Fed serial killer to put the kibosh on a chaps nuptials.

Patterson is a master of the unexpected twist and the final face off between Cross and Craig is classic Patterson. One cannot help but wonder why Jimbo doesn’t focus on the genre he does best. At this stage of the game he surely doesn’t have to hawk cheesy gift books, such as the Christmas Wedding for the cash? According to Forbes He struck an eleven book publishing deal in 2009, for $150 million, which for Jimbo and his elvish clan is about three months work.

Cross Fire By James Patterson
ISBN: 031603617X
432 pages
Little, Brown and Company

Mass Market
ISBN: 0446574716
384 pages
Grand Central Publishing

  1. jeanzie says:

    Big fan of Big Jim’s unexpected twists!

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