James Patterson Wedding latest: Crimezine reaches for the hankies

Posted: October 18, 2011 in Crime Fiction Books, Crime Writers
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Crimezine always knew Big Jim Patterson had a sensitive side ,and following our post on his farcical Wedding Gift book Christmas Wedding the great man chose to reach out to us, displaying the sort of touching  emotional responsiveness that so many of his great works are famous for.


Patterson: Sensitive

After reaching teary eyed for the box of hankies we always have at our side when reading one of Jimbo’s literary offerings, we thought it would  be appropriate to share the Pattersonian missive verbatim with Crimeziners. So here it is:

A lot of my characters get into some really awful situations, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings; like when I see a person cry… oh, I just get miserably uncomfortable. So, when I heard THE CHRISTMAS WEDDING was making readers teary-eyed, I figured I better do something… to humor them. So here’s the deal: I’ll put up a photo from my wedding when 10,000 people let me know if they cried while reading THE CHRISTMAS WEDDING. Spoiler Alert: It’s just possible I had more facial hair in those days!  

James Patterson

So you see Crimeziners, emotions are not a thing to be trifled with, especially when you have the powers of the literary muse so firmly on your side. Oh, the tinkle of 10,000 tears, it is too much to bear… Crimezine includes a cheering picture of Big Jim, in the hope it will raise your spirits. Be strong Crimeziners, Be strong.


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