Out of the Gutter, Pulp Fiction Degenerates win out

Posted: November 4, 2011 in Crimezines Crime ZINES
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Crimezine, Out of the gutter

OOTG: Pulp Friction

Short stories anyone? How about some of the pulpiest hardboiled fiction on the planet, with its whiskey deadened tongue poked so firmly into the corner of its cigar chomping visage, that once you have had a shot of Out of the Gutter’s Pulp Fiction and Degenerate Literature, you will be howling for more, like a street corner dope fiend jonesing for a fix. We kid you not Crimeziners.

Crimezine just loves the retro cover graphics of Out of the Gutter, but that ain’t the whole deal bub, not by a long shot. You get short fiction from the likes of Chris Pimental, Angela Caperton and Michael Bracken. You get two fisted tales of sleaze and degradation from the sordid true crime world, and a big cream pie with cherry on the top slice of humor, that will have Pulp fans chortling into their cheap scotch. So ease back into your overstuffed chair, with a nice Havanna. Pour yourself a three fingered soother and get into OOTG.

Out of the Gutter, the Modern Journal of Pulp Fiction and Degenerate Literature: We are talking win-win Crimeziners. Win-win.

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