Jeffery Deaver, Dracula separated at birth? Crimezine Investigates

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Crime Writers
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Jeffery Deaver Crimezine

L-R, Dracula, Deaver

Crimeziners cannot help but have noticed what  can only be described as a ‘striking similarity’ between crime writing colossus, Jeffery double 0 six an a half Deaver, and the world’s most famous creature of the night Count Dracula.

Crimezine theorizes that the two legends were in fact separated at birth, from their wolf mother deep in the Carpathian mountains. Sharp eyed crime watchers will know that Deaver avoids mirrors and garlic,  shuns daylight, and utters a chilling reptilian hiss when subjected to the presence of holy artifacts.

But Crimezine offers the most damning photographic evidence yet seen: the wan undead faces, the vampiric attire, the Tansylvanian coiffure—surely Deaver the undead and the legendary Van Helsingian nemesis Count Dracula are one and the same person?

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