The Last Rites of Joe May, starring Dennis Farina

Posted: November 7, 2011 in Movies Crimezine Film
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The last rights of Joe May, Dennis Farina

Farina: a Crimezine favorite

Dennis Farina has played more gangsters than Crimezine Neighbor Jennifer Anniston has scarfed pizzas, and trust us, the high pitched rom-commer has the Domino’s crew on her doorstep three times a day at least. Dennis however is not playing it for laughs.

The last rights of Joe may is about an aging short money hustler (Farina) who after a long illness is released from hospital to find he has lost pretty much everything he owned, His home , his car his livelihood, even his friends.

But Joe strikes up a friendship with Jenny, and her eight year old daughter who are living in his old apartment. Jenny’s boyfriend is a crooked detective with a penchant for domestic violence.

The last rights of Joe May is a dark brooding Crimezine classic and Dennis Farina is a legend, check it out today.

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