Human Zoo, the new movie by Rie Rasmussen

Posted: November 12, 2011 in Movies Crimezine Film
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Human Zoo- Rie-Rassmussen, Crimezine

Human Zoo

European cinema. For many a visceral experience of  non linear plotlines,  subtitle mired cinematography and nonsensical outcomes. Enough to make you want to supersize the popcorn and head for the Tower Heist in screen Nine? Choose Human Zoo, By  Rie Rasmussen instead, here’s why…

Rie Rasmussen has a lot of pals… male pals and this is no surprise as the Danish Actress, Writer, Director, photographer and super model is not only prodigiously talented she is also stunningly beautiful. She made her acting debut in Brian De Plama’s erotic thriller Femme Fatale. She also starred in Luc Besson’s Angel A. She wrote and directed and starred in the  short films Il Vestino and Thinning the Herd, which was selected for the prestigious Quentin Tarantino Film Festival in Austin Texas and the Palm d’Or du court métrage, In Cannes France. Not a bad track record for a 33 year old director.

Human Zoo first appeared at the Berlin Film Festival in 2009 as Romance the Dark. Described by Tarantino as shocking and violent the movie stars Rassmussen as a Serbian woman Adria who is caught up in the chaos and ethnic violence of the Kosovo War. Escaping Belgrade with the help of her gun runner boyfriend, she enters France illegally, attempting to make a new life in Marseille. But no matter how far Adria runs the past is never far behind her.

Crimezine is not easily impressed by shock tactics and the pulchritudinous Ms Rasmussen is not shy in obliging in the sex and violence department. As a model she has done titilating photoshoots for Donna Karen, Yves Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci. She also worked for kinky pants brand Victoria’s Secret, when asked why, she responded: Because I wanted to F**k a supermodel like everyone else, and I did! (sigh) Modern girls.

Shock tactics aside, Rasmussen is a multitalented lady and we love the fact that she published a book of her art and photography under the pseudonym Lilly Dillon, a character in noir crime writer Jim Thompson’s novel The Grifters.

Rasmussen pal Luc Besson is promoting the LA release of this movie, billed as Warfare or Crimespree?  The cool deal with this is that you can see Besson’s Movie Angela-A showing along side Human Zoo every night. Cool.

Rie Rasmussen will be making personal appearances at the New Beverly Cinema for Q&A sessions from Nov 11-17 2011. Expect the line to be long and the dirty macs to be very shabby indeed.

See Human Zoo and join in Q&A session with Rie Rasmussen at the New Beverly Cinema. 71655 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles California.


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