Los Angeles County Coroner: Merchandise to die for

Posted: November 12, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Crimeziners are as well known for their overdeveloped sense of irony, as they are their ghoulish delight in all things crime related . It is with great pleasure therefore that Crimezine can exclusively announce the most crimetastic merchandise store you have ever encountered: la coroner.com.

T-shirts and key rings you would expect. But the marketing bods at LA coroners office don’t stop there, no siree bob. How about a LA Coroners BBQ apron, complete with ‘amusing’ LA Coroner slogan… or crime scene party tape, or a murder outline beach towel or… a body bag garment holder? And as they say much, much more. It is only 43 and counting shopping to Christmas Crimeziners, so we suggest you order large and early, to avoid disappointment.

LA Coroner BBQ Apron

LA Coroner BBQ Apron

  1. Jeanzie says:

    who knew Crimezine! Thanks for the info!

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