Robert Crais, Crowned Crimezine King of Crime

Posted: November 12, 2011 in Crime Writers
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Robert Crais Crimezine Favorite

Crais: King of Crime

Since Crimezine suggested that Robert ‘keep the noise down’ Crais was as close as it was possible to be to being the world’s greatest living Crime writer, the Crimezine neighbor has been strutting around Mulholland Drive in typically Napoleonic fashion. Crais has also been spotted locally wearing his fetching King of Crime Tiara (Whatever would Joe Pike Say?).

Foul mouthed girl next door Jennifer Aniston suggested that Crais might have been what’s known in the trade as, ‘liquored up’ at the time this highly incriminating photograph was taken. But no matter, Crimezine loves Bonzo Bob and all his charming idiosyncrasies, or should that by Idiosyn-craisies?

Say what you will about the great man, Crais is a Crimezine favorite, and there is nothing we love better after a puntastic day at the office, than drifting off to sleep with the soothing clickity-clack of Craises Remington typographical writing machine, drifting through the Hollyweird night past our softly fluttering bedroom curtains. Neighbors—you gotta love em.


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