Gomorrah Italy’s other Mafia by Roberto Saviano

Posted: November 15, 2011 in Crime Fiction Books, True Crime
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Roberto Saviano,Gomorrah,Crimezine


Roberto Saviano is a wanted man. The Mafia have a contract out on him, that is official. The reason: his book, Gomorrah Italy’s other Mafia, a courageous, years in the making piece of investigative journalism, that blows the lid on the world of  the Neapolitan Mafia also known as  The CamorraThe System.

Saviano’s biblical pun, alluding to a land of sin and vice is an appropriate one. He paints a picture of a Mafia controlled black economy that is at least equal to the legitimate economy of Italy, a world where the Mafia controls business at every level, from high-fashion and consumer goods forgery, to construction contracts and lucrative toxic waste management programs.

While much of the staggering information and mafia background in this book will be new to the reader, the violence will not be. Saviano outlines in graphic detail how the Camorra are murdering all who stand in their way with impunity and it makes for grisly reading.

When you have read this tale of murder, slavery and environmental catastrophe, it will undoubtably make you think twice before you buy bootleg designer gear, or street corner cigarettes. This controversial book has made many Italians question the very system their country is founded on, and for that reason it is a Crimezine Classic.

Crimezine would discourage readers from seeing the Gomorrah movie, while it is an interesting, if low budget piece of European cinema, it bears little relation to this marvelous book.


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