Roy ‘Prettyboy’ Shaw A bare-knuckle true crime legend.

Posted: November 15, 2011 in Crime Fiction Books, True Crime
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Roy ‘Prettyboy’ Shaw is a bare-knuckle true crime legend. Imprisoned almost half his life, for a record breaking armed robbery he pulled in 1963 he emerged from the prison system with the reputation as a ruthless and committed psychopath.

Shaw used his very real talent for ferocity and unrestrained violence in the unlicensed boxing ring, a ruthless world of criminality, desperation and

Prettyboy, Roy Shaw, Bare knuckle boxing

Roy Shaw: not pretty

hardcore violence. ‘Prettyboy’ is Roy’s account of his time in Prison, and his trip to the very top of the unlicensed boxing world.

Roy provides a straightforward and chilling account of his life of violence. The miracle is he survived at all. This book provides a fascinating glimpse into the world of the institutionalized criminal, a winner takes all approach to the dog eat dog world of unlicensed boxing, and a blow by blow account of how Shaw turned his life around.

Roy Shaw is now 75. He is now a millionaire real estate investor and businessman. His crime spree days of ferocious violence are behind him we are told. but this book also reveals a deeper truth: a razor sharp intelligence and a code of ethics that made Roy ‘Prettyboy’ Shaw one of the most feared men in England. This book is a true crime Classic, buy it today.


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