Tom Cruise stars as Jack Reacher in new film One Shot

Posted: November 20, 2011 in Movies Crimezine Film
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The word on the wire from Hollyweird Boulevard this week has been the casting of the pint sized action star Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher in the new movie One Shot.

Crimezine wishes the whining pundits would give it a rest. So what if veritcally challenged

One shot-Lee Child-Crimezine-Tom Cruise Movie

One Shot

Tom at 5’7″ falls far short (if you will excuse the expression) of the 6’5″ required for the Reacher role? Surely the magic of CGI will be able to make up the required inches?

If not, the diminutive Dianetician  might be able to stand on a pile of books to match the height of plummy Pride and Prejudice co-star Rosamund Pike. Crimezine recommends The Problems of work, or the equally appropriately named New Slant on Life by L. Ron Hubbard. Bingo! Size doesn’t matter after all.

Levity aside, Crimezine is certain that cinema goers will be more interested in the bone crunching action and the voluptuous Ms Pike than they will in the Lilliputian stature of Cruise, who is bound to give the role the high level of energy and flashing charisma that has made him such a major star .

Crimezine recomends Lee Childs 2005 novel One Shot as a primer, along with the latest Reacher novel The Affair. But if you want to start at the beginning of the Reacher series the excellent Killing Floor is the book for you.


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