Crimezine favorite Lucy Liu hits the Southland beat

Posted: November 23, 2011 in TV Crime
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Southland series four-Crimezine

Southland: Knock! Knock!

In the raging flood gorged torrent that is American TV it can be hard for viewers to negotiate the deluge of shows cascading into our homes. Crimeshows clog the swamped scheduling, like  driftwood. And many of these shows are frankly not  that good.

Crimezine favorite Southland is an exception. The cast and crew of Southland have been in Los Angeles in recent weeks, shooting season four of the cult crime show, that is shaping up to be one of the best Police procedurals to hit television period. But things are getting even better on Southland this season and here’s why, high kicking hottie Lucy Liu is joining the cast. Awesome!

Crimeziners may have heard how cable channel TNT picked up Southland after doltish programmers at NBC fumbled the scheduling ball, figuring it would be hard to sell bovine snack food against a “raw and authentic” piece of cult programing like Southland. Duh!

Crimezine guesses there will have been much boardroom pant kicking after Southland’s

subsequent success. And quite right too. Nacho Cheese Dorito anyone?

The shows cast is amazing. The stories intelligent and innovative. Southland has upped the game of the police procedural, in a similar way that other edgy crime shows such as The Wire, and  The Shield  upped expectations of  TV crime.

The Emmy award winning production team from Warner Bros. Television responsible for Southland include creator Ann Biderman (NYPD BluePublic Enemies), Producer John Wells (ERThe West Wing) and executive-producer Christopher Chulack (ERThird Watch)

The new season  of Southland will see Lucy Liu teaming up with officer John Bad back Cooper, expect antler locking and personal drama galore. Crimezine can’t wait!

  1. jeanzie says:

    Southland rocks Crimezine!

  2. exercise says:

    I enjoyed Southland, Lucy Lui will be an added bonus. Lets hope the writers stay on track and do not create an underlining mobster plot i.e. Detroit 187.

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