George Pelecanos: What it Was

Posted: November 27, 2011 in Crime Fiction Books
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Pellecanos: big hitter

Retro crime time from George Pelecanos, and that kind of news just has to have you sitting to attention in your leather backed barcaloungers Crimeziners, because DC’s most famous former denizen is at it again crimewise.

You just got to love the big hitting strokes that Crimezine compadre Pelecanos is playing these days and his latest work is no exception: 1972, and Derek Strange is a cop turned PI. After taking what seems to be a work a day case recovering a stolen ring from a sleaze-ball junkie, Strange finds himself bumping heads with former partner Frank Hound dog Vaughn.

You just know it is going to turn ugly when the trail leads to a ruthless killer Red Fury. A man who will stop at nothing to make sure he comes out on top. As the stakes get higher, the violence escalates, and pretty soon Strange and Hound dog are working the case in their own off the rails style.

This is the fourth Derek Strange Novel. If you like your Crime fiction hard and fast try: Soul Circus, Hell to Pay and Right as Rain, but be warned, Pelecanos hits out of the park.


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