TNT Mystery Movie night, make a date for TV’s new Crimezine Crimenight

Posted: November 27, 2011 in TV Crime
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Scott Turow’s Innocent kicks off TNT’s new Mystery Movie night starting Tuesday November 29 at 9pm (ET/PT). The season features a whole host of new movie length adaptations of best selling crime books. So stand by for incoming Crimeziners, as we also get Sandra Brown’s Ricochet, Lisa Gardener’s Hide, Silent Witness by Richard North Patterson, Good Morning Killer by April Smith & the fabulously festive, Deck the Halls by Mary & Carol Higgins Clark.

 Fans of the Grishamesque Turow will no doubt know that Innocent is a sequel to the best selling Presumed Innocent. The new adaptation stars Bill Pullman of Independence Day and Torchwood fame. He plays Rusty Sabicha Judge charged with murdering his wife, which is unfortunate, as 20 years earlier he was cleared of murdering his mistress. So if you are a fan of salacious conspiracy and priapic public figures in a courtroom context, this could be your cup of crimetime Java.

Crimezine-Scott Turow-Innocent

Innocent? We will be the judge of that Crimeziners…


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