Dennis Lehane returns with Moonlight Mile a sequel to Gone, Baby, Gone

Posted: December 2, 2011 in Crime Fiction Books
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Moonlight mile Dennis Lehane

Moonlight mile

Brass knuckled Bostonian Dennis Lehane is back, with Moonlight Mile, a sequel to his 1998 bestseller Gone, Baby, Gone.

When an author’s fans include film makers like Clint Eastwood, Martin Scorsese & Ben Affleck, it is time for Crimeziners to desert their barcoloungers and head once again for their niche book retailer of choice. OK, get this book from Amazon like everyone else, see if we care.

Lehane swore he wouldn’t resurrect Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro the private investigators from his first five books but whadya know, here they are again and about time too Crimeziners.

Moonlight Mile revisits the Amanda McReady character, who vanished as a 4 year old in Gone, Baby, Gone. Now 16 the young lady has gone missing again, and as the immortal Oscar Wilde almost said: to lose a daughter once may be regarded as misfortune, to lose her again looks like carelessness.

Still, let’s not worry about the small stuff Crimeziners, Kenzie & Gennaro are back on the case, and what a case it is: Meth-dealers, Identity thieves, the Russian mob and a thoroughly unsavory world of crime spree bottom feeders. Hurrah!

Lehane’s writing is sharp and sassy, his thespian training pounds from the page, which is perhaps the attribute that appeals most to Filmmakers. Still who cares about Hollyweird eh, Crimeziners? If you are looking for an engrossing read this holiday season Moonlight Mile is the book for you.

As for Lehane, he is Crimezines favorite brass knuckled Bostonian. He would be our favorite Bostonian period, were it not for an exceedingly entertaining young beat combo named Aerosmith. We are sure Dennis understands…

To read the start of Moonlight Mile by Dennis Lehane, follow the link below.


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