Crimezines favorite Floridian Michael Connelly moves to New York

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Crime Writers
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Michael Connelly, New York

Conners in NYC

Crimezine’s favorite Floridian has finally cracked and bought a swanky pants apartment in New York City’s upper east side.  So what has prompted this astonishing Volte-face from a man who is a sworn advocate of all the Sunshine State has to offer?

Ugly rumors that the notoriously rumpled Connelly has been ordered by his image consultant, aka her indoors to ‘smarten himself up’ with some Fifth Avenue fashions, surely cannot be true. Crimezine is certain that the billionaire author will remain as true to his Bermuda shorts and threadbare Kurt Cobain grunge cardigan heritage as he always has.

But what of the—weather I here you gasp Crimeziners? It cannot be denied that NYC has what is known in the weather forecasting community as seasonal temperatures. Having traveled  to NYC in the summer months we are certain that Conners will feel right at home however: sweltering humidity—check, giant roaches—check. Alligators in the water courses? Well maybe not quite as many as there are in Florida, but if he is looking for dangerous swamp land New Jersey is very close.

Crimezine suspects that the real reason is much more easily explained however. It is no secret that crimewriting bazillionaire James Patterson has a second home close to Hachette publishing mate Conners’ palatial gaff in Tampa. Now we know that Conners revels in the rich crime-writing heritage of his native state. But really—the great Pattersoni? The mighty Crimezilla himself? Would you want him dropping round every morning  for a cup a char and an inspirational chat? Perhaps not.

Conners latest book The Drop is available now, and highly recommended. Crimezine wishes him well in his new home. Wonder if he knows Crimezine neighbor  Jennifer Aniston has just bought yet another home round the corner from him in Gramercy Park? There goes the neighborhood!

  1. jimbo says:

    Whats rong with florida? crimezine betta stay out of Jersey!

  2. tonybulmer says:

    Florida? Warmer than Jersey dude! And don’t send James Gandolfini to see us again, we’ll just feed him donuts and send him on his way. For the record Crimezine LOVES Jersey so fogedaboudit and get back to burying corpses in the marshes…

  3. tonybulmer says:

    Crimeziners might like to know that in addition to a New Lincoln Lawyer film Michael is working on a new Lincoln Lawyer TV Show for ABC produced by Lionsgate. He is writing the script in conjunction with screen writer John Romano.

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