Black Mask Magazine a blast from the Crimezine Past

Posted: December 6, 2011 in Crimezines Crime ZINES
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Crimezine-Black Mask-Dashiell Hammett-Raymond Chandler

Black Mask A dame-tastic blast from the Crimezine Past

Black Mask Magazine  was launched in 1920. The magazine more than any other was responsible for turning such crime writers as Dashiell Hammett and  Raymond Chandler into the perennial hardboiled noir favorites that they are today.

Fast forward to the present day and Black Mask is an online resource of old Black Mask material, a place where you can thrill to hardboiled detective fiction of yester-year and wow to the way out retro artwork. Everything is online these days sadly, so no crinkly yellowing pages and smudgy black ink to enjoy. (sob!)

Still, check in to catch up with Black Mask and some other classic crime brands these guys own, such as Mystery Magazine, Dime Detective, and Strange Detective Mysteries. Cool.

For those Crimeziners tippy-tap-tapping away in your smoke filled writers Hell. Black Mask is seeking contributions, but don’t get too excited, they are not paying anything. So if you are a budding Chandler or Hammett, best keep that day job at the Pinkerton Detective agency for now.

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  2. jimbo says:

    Black Mask is deadly Cool!

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    These vintage covers are waycool

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