Crimezine authors at play: Karin Slaughter on full auto

Posted: December 15, 2011 in Crime Writers
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Karin Slaughter-Crimezine

Karin Slaughter on full-auto

Welcome to yet another new series Crimeziners: Crimezine authors at play. This week we find Crimezine chumette Karin Slaughter letting rip in an orgy of live fire indulgence.

Surprised? Not really, the gloriously named Ms Slaughter is well known for her kitten loving qualities, but underneath this tissue thin veneer of cuteness beats the heart of a gun-toting lioness. Pchang!

Crimezine loves gals with guns, especially machine guns, but according to our political correctness advisor, we understand that the accepted term for gun toting beauties is: women with weapons. (sigh.)

We notice Karin made a tight grouping around the Liver/Core area so we better mind our manners, as well as our verbiage.

Karin’s awesome new book Fallen is out now


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