Crimezine authors at play: R.J. Ellory Culinary Colossus

Posted: December 15, 2011 in Crime Writers
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R.J Ellory

R.J Ellory: flambé sausage noir, a specialité de la Maison

Crimezine favorite R.J Ellory is not only one of the coolest crime writers on the planet, he is also a dab hand in the kitchen.

Here we see the Whiskey Poet himself taking a much needed time out from the word processor, to cook up a delicious repast of grilled chicken and what is known in culinary circles as flambé sausage noir, a cordon-bleu dish, much in demand in the British Midlands, so we understand.

R.J.’s friends and neighbors always enjoy his culinary soirées, as this gives them welcome respite from the plank-spanking authors guitar crazy antics. Crimezine understands that the neighborhood regularly vibrates to the sound of R.J’s hard rocking beat combo The Whiskey Poets as they thump through the Deep Purple back catalog on their Led Zeppelin sized PA system.

Eagle eyed Crimeziners may be alarmed at the darkness that appears to be enveloping the Ellorian BBQ pit. Never fear, this is merely a reflection of the soul deep darkness contained in the Ellorian oeuvre. Either that, or R.J’s home, which is situated in Birmingham, is experiencing a renaissance of its industrial heritage and the smoke stacks of yesteryear are once again belching prosperity all over the English heartland.

Crimeziners will also note that R.J is wearing a T-Shirt, despite it being the middle of the sub-zero British winter. A reflection of his stout heartedness to be sure, although knowing R.J we suspect there is a plentiful supply of Jack Daniels running through those veins to insulate against the chill.

R.J. Ellorys latest novel, the awesome Bad Signs is available now.

  1. jimbo says:

    ha ha classic Crimezine! Heard the whiskey Poets, they are pretty good!

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