Crimetastic Crimezine Christmas Special: America’s #1 Mystery writer Harlan Coben in Three Stooges separated at birth triple bill.

Posted: December 24, 2011 in Crimezine Separated at Birth
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L-R: Nyuk, Coben-Crimetastic. Nyuk, Curly-Comedic. Nyuk, Fester-fiendish

Harlan Coben recently contacted Crimezine HQ gushing forth excitedly about an alleged appearance he has made in the new Three Stooges movie. At last my kids think I am cool he whooped. News flash buddy: you are the old guy who makes the payroll. Those kids will never think you are cool, no matter what you do, besides, it is Christmas week, you think it is coincidence those little demons are buttering you up big guy?

Still, Crimezine perused the Three Stooges trailer at length, even sliding through the eye-poking high jinx on a frame-by-frame basis, searching for signs, no matter how fleeting, of Crime Fiction’s tallest author. Nothing.

It is not as if Harlan is hard to spot, he is a giant, bald-pated behemoth, bigger than an NBA big man. The dude would stand out at a tall persons convention.

Can it be that America’s greatest mystery writer is some how envious of George Feta Cheese Pellecanos’ awesome product placement coup in the Three Stooges trailer, in which we see Coben’s New Jersey neighbor Snooki ‘reading’ the latest Pellecanos best seller The Cut?

Crimezine would like to offer a quite different thesis to this Chandleresque mystery.

We believe that America’s #1 Mystery writer is simply attempting to guide us towards the undeniable similarities between himself and his movie doppelganger Curly Joe.

Doh! We should have realized when we saw The Addams Family movie. Have you ever seen Harlan Coben, Uncle Fester and everyones favorite stooge Curly in the same place? No. Separated at birth, or one and the same person? We leave it to the conscience of the individual Crimeziner… Have a Crimetastic Christmas everyone!

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