Crimezine offers Zero tolerance for Zero Day, by David Baldacci

Posted: January 1, 2012 in Crime Fiction Books
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Crimezine-Zero Day David Baldacci

Baldacci Zero Day

Ah, Baldacci! We love Political intrigue! We love Washington suits and presidential shenanigans. There is something life affirming, especially in the coming election (zzzzzz) year, about Baldacci’s brand of  political pulp fiction.

But wait a second Crimeziners. What’s this? A Baldacci book ,that reads Like a Jack Reacher novel? Welcome to Zero Day, the latest Baldacci effort in which an army special-agent-outsider, with demons, visits a small town community in rural West Virginia, where corruption and conspiracy run riot. Sound familiar? To readers of Lee Child’s excellent Reacher series it will.

Zero Day is the 22nd book by Baldacci,  his third  this year, the others being The Sixth Man and One Summer. Perhaps therein lies the problem? Three books of quality in one year is perhaps too much, even for a talent like Baldacci. His books are deeply plotted, well researched and intricately constructed. It is simply not possible to build a literary vehicle of such quality on a production line, and Crimezine is concerned that this may be a new trend for the author? One hopes not.

Another problem with this book is the onanisticly named protagonist Sergeant John Puller. Not John Thomas Puller? Are we quite sure about that? The name is so laugh out loud ridiculous, we are certain that poor Mr Puller must have had a torrid time of it at high school. Shame. Perhaps this is what caused him to have a twitching mouth and at age thirty-seven to remain unmarried?

Baldacci completists will no doubt find this novel entertaining. For everyone else Crimezine recommends The Affair by Lee Child.

  1. jimbo says:

    Whats going on with this guy? Reacher rocks puller pumps ha ha ha!

  2. tonybulmer says:

    Astute as ever Jimbo!

  3. Reacher4life says:

    Baldacci’s book is bush league.

    • tonybulmer says:

      Bush league:Below good standards, not good or incorrect. Pitiful, poor, terrible, awful, bad, sucky, Amateur performance. Behavior that doesn’t belong in the major leagues. When fans of Reacher move they move decisively and without mercy. Keep up the good work Crimeziner!

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