Hidden City, with crime writer Marcus Sakey

Posted: January 4, 2012 in True Crime, TV Crime
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Sakey: City Sleuth



Hidden City connects iconic American cities with iconic American Crimes. If we are talking about Los Angeles we get the Black Dahlia murders, The LA Riots and Pornstar John Holmes. If we are talking New York we get Son of Sam, punk junkie Sid Vicious and Nicky Mr Untouchable Barnes the king of Harlem Heroin.

Crimezine likes this show. Sakey has scripted the presentation well and his voice overs make the show addictive viewing. He also does his research, and gets to talk to the cops and criminals who were at the very center of the crimes discussed.

Trouble is so many of these crimes have been discussed before and at such great length, the show has a certain de ja vu quality that can be irksome. You almost know what Sakey is going to talk about before he announces it. Furthermore when he talks of cases like the Black Dahlia, he fails to mention James Ellroy a man who almost single handedly drew the case into the popular imagination of today’s crime fans. In a similar way we get no mention of American Gangster Frank Lucas or Mark Jacobsen the journalist who broke the Harlem Heroin story.

Small gripes aside, Sakey is to be commended for the shows compelling narrative. Check it out Crimeziners!

Hidden City airs Tuesdays 9/8C on the Travel Channel.

  1. Dahlia Agaiiin? & Rodney King? Plus how can you do NYC without mentioning the Mafia? and what about more MODERN stuff?

  2. Jimbo says:

    This show is cooool! !

  3. tonybulmer says:

    Agreed Freddie. Mention of the Five Points gang would have been righteous, but Sakey was doing a seventies special, which was a good way of connecting the stories. Agreed. LA is serial killer central and we have had a number of kookish killers that trump the Dahlia case. But the Dahlia murder was a fiendish first, so revoltingly seedy and gruesome that it became iconic.

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