Hard Case Crime: Classic Pulp fiction back from the grave

Posted: January 5, 2012 in Crime Fiction Books, Crime Writers
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Crimezine-Hard Case Crime

Hard Case, Soft centre

Crimezine loves classic crime fiction, particularly the seedy, seamy hardboiled variety, from the noirish 1940’s and 50’s. Well now you can revisit those days Crimeziners, courtesy of Hard Case Crime.

Hard Case Crime is the brainchild of bazillionaire internet whizz-kid Charles Ardai who decided to throw his big-bucks nouveau-riche-dom into the world of retro Crime publishing. Well done that man! Fresh faced Ardai 36, missed the great wave of pulp writing the first time around, and is rapidly making up for lost time now.

Crime fiend Ardai has signed up modern writers like Madison Smartt Bell and Steven King, alongside old favorites


Hard Case: Salacity

such as Laurence Block, Ed Mc Bain and Donald Westlake.

Crimezine feels that Hard Case Crime’s biggest triumph however is the signing of pulp art legend Robert McGinniss, a man who painted more than 1,000 legendary book covers in pulp’s heyday. Every piece of just oozes retro seediness. Lust. Fear Anger and Murder, these were the ideas that drove the pulp paperback forward.

Times change of course. Pulp’s lurid plots and hyperventilating cover art, were supplanted, by electronic boxes that pumped sleaze and salacity into homes worldwide, offering on demand titillation at the flip of a switch. Can Pulp

fiction ever compete? The jury is out. The decision is yours, but Crimezines verdict is a resounding Yes!


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