Alcatraz, the nutso new crimeshow with a supernatural twist sends Mondays manic on Fox.

Posted: January 13, 2012 in TV Crime
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Alcatraz cast

Look out Crimeziners! Mondays on Fox are about to turn manic on January 16 at 8/7 Central. The reason? A crazy new crime show called Alcatraz, that sounds like a nutso cross between Shutter Island and the X files.

Now Crimezine doesn’t usually like supernatural shenanigans, but when sicko serial killers start coming back from the dead and rampaging through modern day San Francisco, investigations need to be made.

Doing the investigating we have the lovely Sarah Jones of Sons of Anarchy fame as Detective Rebecca Madsen along with Comic book guy (chortle) Jorge who ate all the pies? Garcia of Lost. Additional cast members include veteran actor Sam Neil who has appeared in Films such as Jurassic Park and Dead Calm and Robert Forster, the protagonist from classic Tarantino movie Jackie Brown.

Of course, it turns out that the spooky killers are Alcatraz inmates back from the beyond for an orgy of gruesome goings on. Expect conspiracies and government cover ups galore. Yikes!

The show is produced by Bonanza Productions in association with Bad Robot and Warner Bros. Television. The award winning production team feature big hitters behind such shows as: Lost, Fringe, CSI Miami and Cold Case. Sounding good Crimeziners? We thought so!

Crimezine Alcatraz

Sarah Jones as Detective Rebecca Madsen


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