Crimezine Exclusive, Lilyhammer—Mafia Hi-jinx in Norway with Steven Van Zandt

Posted: January 15, 2012 in TV Crime
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Steven Van Zandt as Frank Tagliano

Miami Steve Van Zandt or Little Steven as he is better known to millions of Bruce Springsteen fans, is no stranger to mafia gigs . He played the part of Bada Bing proprietor Silvio Dante in hit HBO show The Sopranos.

Now Van Zandt is back, as wise guy Frank ‘the fixer’ Tagliano, a man who has finked off mafia boss Aldo Delucci to the FBI. His reward? A new identity in the Federal Witness Protection Program, and a one-way ticket to Lillehammer Norway.

Why Lillehammer? Well, sports fan Tagliano, much impressed by the 1994 Winter Olympics, figures he could use some fresh air and the company of some hot Scandanavian ‘broads.’

We are talking Dramedy here though Crimeziners, so things quickly go badly wrong. Tagliano gets billeted next door to the middle aged Chief of Police—a woman who doesn’t exactly conform to his fantasies of Scandanavian blonde bombshell. Then there is the comedy clown car he is allocated a subcompact not best suited to the Norweigan winter.

And if that wasn’t enough, our hero is expected to get a job, trouble is the only job on offer is as a pizza delivery guy. No surprise that Tagliano quickly reverts to his wise-guy routines, with hilarious consequences.

Now I am sure you will all be anxious to see this new series that is released on Feb 6, trouble is all eight episodes will be released simultaneously on Netflix. That is right Crimeziners, that subscription you just junked will have to be renewed if you want to see this show. Curses!


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