Seeking Justice: Nicolas Cage hires Vigilante hit man Guy Pearce Crimezine goes Criss-Cross eyed

Posted: January 31, 2012 in Movies Crimezine Film
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Nicholas Cage-Crimezine-Seeking-Justice

Nick Cage Guy Pearce: Seeking Justice

Ever wanted to kill someone, or have them killed? What about if that someone has subjected your spouse to a brutal sexual attack that leaves them in hospital?

Imagine you were sitting by your partner’s bedside and a ‘Citizen seeking justice’ offered to avenge the attack—for free?

Of course free is a relative term, when we are talking about the darkly charismatic Guy Pearce and once the deed is done, he is going to ask for a return favor, of a kind he neglected to mention when he bestowed the act of retribution.

Bookish New Orleans schoolteacher Will Gerard, played by Nicholas Cage has to play criss-cross with the increasingly psychotic Simon, (Pearce) and his vigilante chums, or pay the consequences. Worse he has to hide the building crisis from his wife.

Crimezine notes that Cage plays the regular guy in irregular circumstances just a little too well these days: soft southern incredulity, wide eyed trauma,  then change gears quick for a car chase and a fist fight finish. It all looks just a little too easy in the Big Easy.

Of course there is the post Katrina milieu and the journalist murdered as a result of the vigilante conspiracy to muddy the bayou waters, but it all becomes reminiscent of  something we have seen before Death Wish? Super Cannes by JG Ballard? Or even The Game by David Fincher.

Cage is eminently watchable as ever and Pearce is always disturbingly cool, despite the somewhat trudging nature of the screen play. Already released in Europe, Seeking Justice will be released in the US.  March 16

  1. Jimbo says:

    Not again, same movie differnt title

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